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While the choice of occupations for blind and visually impaired people was still very limited in the past, today’s advances in modern technology mean that many doors are open. In the meantime, more and more blind people are working in the office as merchants, administrative employees, IT specialists or as customer advisors in call centers. Others have successfully completed their studies and work as psychologists, lawyers or teachers. There are numerous practical examples that visual impairment or blindness in the workplace can be largely compensated for with the right technology.

Which technical aids are suitable for blind or visually impaired employees depends on the respective requirements of their workplace, their personal preferences and the degree of their disability. Depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication, there are specialized Braille variants, speech outputs and suitable magnifications. Visual impairments can be very different and always represent an isolated case. Sometimes the disability only occurs in the course of working life and then in many cases initially remains undetected. Equipping a workplace for disabled people is an individual task that requires a lot of experience. We also offer high-quality products that can be flexibly adapted to changing conditions.

Portable, full HD Video Magnifiers for visually Impaired

Mobile Braille Devices for blind People

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