VarioPro 80

The flexible and easily adaptable VarioPro Braille display is developed with the frequently changing workplace and higher education settings in mind. VarioPro is equipped with 80 braille cells and innovative, thumb operated roll bars that provide the user with uninterrupted reading and provide quicker orientation to the information that appears on the computer screen. New job functions can be added, leading to needed changes in the work environment. VarioPro can grow with a person´s skills and expertise in all such situations

Arguments that speak for VarioPro 80:

  • Innovative modular concept
  • Flexible and ready for the future
  • Wide range of different functional modules for highly demanding workplaces
  • Maximum user comfort and high workflow-efficiency
  • High-quality finish and reliable technology
VarioPro 80

Braille displays that also meet your future challenges

A computer is your most important tool every day either in a higher education or business environment or, for that matter, in any highly demanding workplace. Every day many different software applications are being used that you need to work with quickly and hassle-free. And regularly there are new tasks that have to be integrated into your daily work-flow. Precisely for these kinds of educational and/or professional requirements, The highly efficient VarioPro braille display is driven by professional screen readers. VarioPro can be configured to each individuals specific needs and extended with optional function modules that allow you to accommodate future growing demands without creating the need for large new basic purchases

Innovative and reliable

VarioPro is equipped with innovative roll-bars on the front side of the display that can be operated by your thumbs. These roll-bars allow blind users to navigate the computer screen without interruption. VarioPro has four roll-bars that perform scrolling and other key functions. Operation of the braille display as a whole is simplified, and orientation to the computer screen is faster.

The high-quality and elegant finish of VarioPro’s housing, made from anodized aluminium is very thin, stable and sturdy. Our many years of experience in the development and manufacture of professional braille displays, combined with the use of the latest technology, helps ensure that our products are very reliable, and extremely long lasting. VarioPro provides exceptional levels of functionality for use in the workplace, or in higher education settings.

VarioPro 80 Anwendung

Technical specifications and Downloads

Key features

  • 80 braille cells with integrated cursor routing
  • 3 navigation keys left and 3 navigation keys right of Braille display
  • 4 roll-bars with key-function on front side


  • By means of a screen reader JAWS, NVDA, COBRA, WindowEyes and others
  • PC and MAC

Optional functional modules

  • TASO Module for fast and accurate navigation on the computer screen
  • TASO Horizontal slider (only in combination with TASO module)
  • Status Module with additional Braille cells for showing status information
  • Switchboard Operating Module for access to and operation of PBX and call center software applications

Size and weight

  • 56.1 × 2.4 × 26 cm (appr. 22 × 0.9 × 10.2 in.)
  • appr. 3.720 g (appr. 8.2 lbs.)


  • USB (cable included)
  • Serial