VisioBraille to see with different eyes.

Innovative and high-quality tools help you to make your everyday life independent.

We manufacturer the entire line of low vision magnifiers, such as the original VisioBook, VisioDesk, and other CCTVs as well as blindness products, including VarioUltra 20, 40, and VarioPro -80-cell refreshable braille display.

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Our Product Areas

for blind people

Mobile Braille Devices, Braille Displays for Workplaces and Reading Machines.

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for the visually impaired

Portable, full HD Video Magnifiers, Desktop Magnifiers and Full HD Desktop Magnifier for workingplaces

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Inspection Machine

Inspection and presentation device for quality inspection and enlargement in precision work

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News and Info

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Brochures for VisioBraille products as well as the latest USB and JAWS drivers for Braille displays

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